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Since its inception, a dozen years ago,  Imouzzer Kandar cine-club has always taken care to gather all the papers presented in the seminars  organized in the previous editions and publish  them on a regular basis.

Thus the library of this film club, so far, contains six publications:

- 2007: The musical Heritage in Moroccan cinema

- 2008: The image of the marginal in cinema

- 2009: The film critic in Morocco

- 2010: Cultural Basis of a national cinema in Morocco

- 2011: The Self and the Other in the Maghrebi cinema

- 2012: The Aesthetical and the Ideological in the Maghrebi cinema

In addition to their richness and variety, it is clear that these issues are closely linked to local and national cultural concerns while remaining open to the Universal film culture.

These publications are the outcome of a great work  of a large number of researchers and critics in the field of cinema and culture such as Hamid Tbatou, Moulay Driss Jaïdi, Azzeddine Khattabi Bouchta Faraqzid, Chouika Mohammed ,Youssef Aït Hammou, Mohammed El Malki, Ahmed Sijilmassi, Boubker Alhihi, Abdelmajid Al Barkaoui, Brahim Ait Hou, Mohammed El Bouayyadi, Abdelmouttalib Ammiar, Ammer Achcharqui, Wassim Korbi, Nabil Hajji, Reda Bahi and many others.

These studies have focused on the relationship between music and film, the presence of popular culture in the Moroccan film, the image of the marginal in Moroccan film on the state of film criticism or on the Moroccan relationship between identity and otherness through the work of Maghrebi filmmakers: first and foremost Reda Bahi .

It is undeniable that the annual publications of the Imouzzer film club are a remarkable initiative that should be maintained and strengthened,  given the fact that they contribute effectively to the preservation of a whole section of our film culture and its dissemination in keeping the reach of researchers and students, not to mention their  participation in the enrichment of film funds that our libraries are still starved of such structures, while providing critical  and analytical support to Moroccan film productions.

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