Competition Regulation

Article 1 :

 Peoples’ Film Festival organized in Imozzer Kandar ( Morocco) is a cultural and artistic event with the following objectives:

-         To create a framework for meetings and cinematographic exchanges.

-         To promote the dissemination of films of cultural importance.

-         To foster dialogue among cultures, civilization and people.


The 13th edition of  the  Peoples’ Film Festival will take place in Imouzzar Kandar from 14 to 17 November 2019.

Article  3:

The festival program includes an international competition open to short films of fiction whose topic is related to the objectives of this event.

Article 4:

      Films entered in the competition section must fulfil the following conditions:                      

-         Films that have been produced after January 1, 2017 .

-         Films that had not been included in a previous edition of our festival.

-         They must be original on DVD, subtitled in Arabic, French or English.

-          The running time of the film must not exceed 30 minutes.

-          Only copies in perfect condition will be accepted.

Details regarding any special screening of films should be mentioned in the inscription, and when sending the copy.

Article 5:

Registration for the competition is free and implies acceptance of the rules. Any requests to participate must be sent to the secretariat of the festival, no later than August 31, 2019.

The application of participation consists of:

• The application form completed and signed

• A synopsis of the film in Arabic, French or English

• A biography and a photo of the director

• Some pictures of the movie

• A copy of the film

To the following address: Ciné-Club Imouzzar, BP 77 , 31250  Imouzzer Kandar,  Morocco.

The registration form is available on the festival website:

All submissions, documentation materials and DVDs must be sent-fully prepaid by sender.

Article 6:

Film makers can enter more than one film to the selection committee:

1 film per entrant will be included in the official selection.

Directors or their representatives (producers, actors) of films selected for the competition will be invited with  the support for their  food and accommodation.

Article 7:               

Any person who made a film selection will be informed by mail of the decision of the selection committee no later than30 September 2019. Films registered and selected for the competition cannot be removed from the selection.

Article 8:

Directors, producers and distributors of entries shall allow the People’s Film Festival to screen their production as part of the festival.

Article 9:

In case of loss or deterioration of a print or a film our responsibility shall be limited to the value of one copy only.

Article 10

The jury is appointed by the organizer of Peoples’ Film Festival. It is composed of professionals from film, television, the world of culture, etc.…unless they are associated in any way in the production or marketing of films in competition

Article 11

The following prizes will be awarded:

  •  Grand prize of the peoples’ Film Festival.
  •  Special jury award.
  •  Prize for the best image.
  •  Prize for the best development of the culture of a people.
  •  Audience award.


Article 12

The organizer of the film festival reserves the right to cancel the international competition. In this case, the authors of the films entered will be informed in a timely manner.

Article 13 

Participation in the International short film competition organized by the Imouzzar Kandar film festival requires the unconditional adherence to its regulations as stated out here.

Pour s’inscrire : fiche d’inscription 2019

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