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Imouzzer Cine-Club

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In order to revitalize community work in the city of Imouzzer Kandar and particularly to overcome cultural vacuum, suggestions were made by the active members of the local society to lay the foundations of a modern and diverse culture. Consequently the club was founded and its members committed themselves to a cinematographic culture. Despite the challenges and lack of infrastructure, meetings were held to win the bet.


The Imouzzer Cine-Club was launched in April 2004 in Ibn Sina teen center in Imouzzer Kandar, Morocco.

Mission and Vision:

The club aims at the popularization of cinematographic culture and culture in general by:

-         The screening of movies selected for their cultural and artistic value.

-         The organization of training workshops on cinematographic and audiovisual techniques.

-         The popularization of the cinematographic and audiovisual editions and the organization of roundtables.

-         The organization of festivals, conferences, cinematographic and cultural events.

-         The publication of films, newsletters, magazines and books of cinematographic aspect.

-         The organization of cinematographic activities in collaboration with other associations and institutions sharing common views…

The team:

-         President                 : El Mostafa Akharzouz

-         Vice- president       : Said Ammari

-         General Secretary   : Hamid Merhoun

-         Vice-secretary        : Mohammed Mandari

-         Treasurer                 : El Mostapha Derbouz

-         Vice-treasurer         : Boulaid Fatima

-         Adviser                     :Belaid Ahabchane

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