Peoples’ Film Festival: Struggle of the margins and the effectiveness of the poor cultural action

Ever since its creation in April 2004, the festival has remained faithful to its founding purpose: the consolidation of the noble meanings of the struggle of the margins and its people. The festival has, so far, accumulated initiatives, organized seminars, shown various films, presented different experiences, welcomed prominent figures and published important works raising debatable questions related to pertinent issues in Moroccan and Maghrebi cinema: “The self and The other”, “the Ideological and the Aesthetic”, “ the Sacred”, “the cultural references”.

This has been realized thanks to the involvement of the members of the film club, their generous efforts, the support of local, national and international activists who are convinced that what is being found in Imouzzer isn’t triggered by personal whims, but a sincere initiative to express the ethos, aspirations and dreams of “the forgotten geography”.

The festival isn’t based on the propaganda of ceremonial occasions! Our values and norms of behaviour deviate from those of mainstream society. We set ourselves against ideological domination. Hence, counter cinema suggests a discursive practice that actively opposes mainstream cinema and offers an alternative to the discourse that mainstream cinema helps construct.

That is why we have focussed in the previous editions of the festival on particular people and activities basing ourselves on “the poor cultural action” as a means of social change and development. We have opted for the poor cultural action not to be distinguished or because of abundant resources, but due to the injustice of the social and the cultural conditions that exclude the margin and the marginalized.

The option “The poor cultural action” is a constraint and a challenge we have adopted as a strategy for our action armed with stubbornness, will and determination to fulfil our objectives. Through this strategy, the festival has clarified its identity and devoted its artistic and cultural line becoming an essential meeting for its audience and fans and signing, thus, the festival in the register of margins that was committed to its cause.

The fact that we have opted for “the poor cultural action” does not exclude requesting resources and support. We will never give up our right urging the authorities to fund our project for promoting and developing our festival. We recall that even with abundant resources, we will never change our beliefs and will never be tempted by nullity and pomp. Facing contempt and indifference that may stand in the way of our journey, we reiterate our commitment to our principle which is our challenge to go forward.

In brief, the essential for us is to remain faithful to our beliefs. We shall continue fighting to defeat anything that might hinder our project.

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