9th Edition of Peoples’ Film Festival 2012

9th Edition of Peoples’ Film Festival 2012


Housed in the city’s cultural complex from 1 to 4 November 2012 the ninth edition of the  Peoples’ Film Festival people was closed on  Sunday evening, November 4th by the film “Men and Gods”. During the morning of the same day a  friendly  meeting was held in the ‘ Porte de  l’atlas’ hotel between members of the Cine Club, researchers, film critics and festival guests for the presentation and signing of the sixth issue entitled “The Aesthetic and The Ideological in the Moroccan cinema”. Suggestions were made to improve future publications in terms of form and of content.


Ciné-Club members and film critics have been thanked for the efforts they have made and their contribution to the preservation of all the work of previous conferences in the form of books that serve as a reference for researchers and students. These ‘little’ books are a heritage of the cultural field and added value to the national library which is still poor for this kind of research


The ninth edition of the People’s film festival animated by the young artist Hicham Lwali was further characterized by the show of the folk troupe “Ahidous”( Lamsabis Association) , the festival director’s speech, the representative of the Urban Commune of  Imouzzer Kander , the representative of the City of Maxéville (France)  and  the director of the French Cultural Institute in Fez, the tribute is the Algerian Director Rachid Ben Allal for his contribution to the vitality of the art of cinema in the Maghreb and to  Abderazzak Ghazi Fakhr considered one of the leaders of the National League of Moroccan Film clubs.

On Saturday morning, November 3, the conference animated  by the journalist Aisha Tazi was  on the one hand one of the highlights of this ninth edition ; on the other hand with the large number of stakeholders, for the importance of “The meaning of the Sacred in the Maghreb cinema “and also by the depth of the discussions that attracted a large audience.

A window on Russian cinema was animated on Friday, November 2 by the young Moroccan director Ibrahim Al Idrissi through a training workshop on the specificity of Russian cinema before and after the eminent director Andre Tarkovski.


Parallel to the main activities, and during the course of this year’s activities,  Moroccan, North African and French films have been screened for the benefit of local and regional public.


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