8th Edition of Peoples’ Film Festival 2011

 8th Edition of Peoples’ Film Festival 2011 


The Pearl of the Atlas Imouzzer  Kander  hosted from 10 to 13 November 2011 the eighth edition of the people’s Film Festival , an edition which again confirms the anchoring of the authentic culture of this city and its region, especially as it has allowed its inhabitants to know closely  the creators of the cinematographic spectacle  from Morocco and elsewhere.

The festival organizers’ and partners’ speeches have unanimously stressed the prominent role played by cinema now in solidifying the bonds of friendship and bringing people together through the amplification of cultural tolerance and more by its contribution to the sharpening of the arts and aesthetics among the inhabitants of the Middle Atlas distinct from official and commercial productions.

As a gesture of loyalty and respect, the organizers have made their choice to honor the Moroccan film critic Hamid Tbatou for his constructive presence in the field of film criticism  . At the same time true testimonials were  presented to him for his divers and varied writings.

The edition has also screened some films in the presence of North African artistic personalities like the actor Kamal Kadimi who was the guest of honor and Daoud Oulad Sayed who had the honor of presenting his film “Jamaa”.

The Peoples’ Film Festival is essentially characterized by its artistic dimension and seminars on deep film criticism , collected and printed in publications like the previous editions, which were collected in books of film criticism.  This year ‘s conference was on the theme of ” The aesthetic and The ideological in the Maghrebi Cinema” attended by scholars and film critics from the Maghreb who presented  deep theoretical introductions  and drew general conclusions on similarities on the one hand  and on the aesthetic and ideological  differences of Maghrebi films on the other.


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