4th Edition 2007

4th Edition 2007


The  ICC organized the fourth  film  meetings from 8 to 11 November 2007. The originality of this single edition returns to the theme ‘Movies of the Indigenous People ‘ which would allow the club to give this festival activity status like other cities such as Tangier ‘short film’, Khouribga ‘African Cinema’ , Oujda ‘Maghrebian Cinema’ …

And responding to the spirit of the theme of the opening; the meeting saw the screening of a short film Amazigh ‘Doll reeds’  by Ahmad Baidou followed the Iranian film ‘The Blackboard’ by Samira Makhmalbaf and ‘Tillay ‘by Idrissa Ouedraogo .

Other films were planned for the remainder of the event include:

- ‘Sleeping child’ by Yasmina ksari

- ‘Blessing’ by Rachid El Hazmir

- ‘yol’ by Yilmaz and Serif Goren Gune

- ‘Tililla’  by Mohammed Marnich


          Moreover, the success of this event is returned to the presence of the mass public was attracted by the quality of the participants, actors and artists  Khouyi Mohammed, Mohammed Benbrahim, El Jirari Benaissa Mohammed El Yazidi, Saadia Azgoun, AbdellatifEl khamouli, Jamila Bijaouan, Chama  ElAmrani and Hicham  Ichaab among others

On the other hand a workshop about film analysis supervised by Professor Ibrahim El hassnaouy professor and researcher at IRCAM took place.

As usual a conference was held under the theme ‘The image of the marginalized in the cinema: functions and features’ moderated by Professor Mohmmed Malki with the participation of researchers and critics: Tbatou Hamid, Ahmed Aarib, Mohmmed Chouika and Rachid Bouqsim

Overview of the theme of the conference


         The cinematographic art may seem far from caring directly and in the theory of what is marginalized and what is not, however, this remains the core of its creative action. Its cultural and aesthetic choices have always been guided by a position that is at any time for or against


Many cinematographic attempts were made possible only through this choice responding to the concern of the threat of identity, a culture, a system, people, a memory of an ethnic group or latitude.

It is from this concern  that cinematic experiences have emerged in connection with ethnic groups like Indians, Kurds, the Amazigh, Palestinians and Eskimos

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