3rd edition 2006 Musical heritage in Moroccan cinema

3rd edition 2006

 Musical heritage in Moroccan cinema


The ICC held its third meeting from 10 to 12th November 2006. The organizers confirmed their intention to ensure the continuity and relevance of this activity while meeting their promises to the city to provide a yearly appointment to implement a multidimensional cultural development.

This meeting was argued by the theme: ‘Musical Heritage in Moroccan cinema’ which was well appreciated by the parties present: participants and guests. And the films selected for the program of the meeting responded forcefully to the theme, such as ‘Trance’  by Ahmed El Maanouni that replicates the experience of the famous group Nas El Ghiwan  and ‘Dmouaa chikhat’ by Ali Safi and the film ‘ tears of regret ‘by Hassan El Mufti.  The director Kamal Kamal  and his ‘Moroccan Symphony’ were also honored. The Amazigh film was present through the film ‘ait gharra dounit’ by Amine Naqrachi.


Parallel to film screening other activities took place in this case the signature of the film critic Hamid Tbatou’s book ‘Issues of Moroccan Cinema: the anchoring of the imaginary

A conference was held under the theme chosen for the meeting enriched by the presence of Moulay Driss Jaidi,  Ahmed Sijlmassi , Brahim Zerkani Boubker El Hihi, Abdelilah Jaouhari and Hamid Tbatou.

Overview of the theme of the conference


The Moroccan cinema remained poor in musical film that has developed as a genre with its own language and its own rhetoric. Some isolated experiences have an ethnographic and folk profile, their references are the dominant model namely the Indian and Egyptian film.  This cloning was used to establish a benchmark identity of Moroccan cinema and its nationalist project.


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