2nd Edition 2005 The Amazigh Component in Moroccan Cinema

2nd Edition 2005 

The Amazigh Component in Moroccan Cinema


The ICC organized the second meeting of the film from 15 to 17 July 2005 with the support of CCM and IRCAM and with the help of the federation of film clubs in Morocco and  Reggab club of cinema and culture in Fez, the film ‘The Angels don’t hover over Casablanca’ was among others.

A conference under the theme ‘The  Amazigh Component in Moroccan cinema’ was moderated by Professor Hamid Tbatou, Ahme Sijlmassi, Abdelilah Jaouhari and  the actress Latifa Ahrar.

We note that the meeting coincided with “Sefrou amazigh  film festival “ which resulted in the absence of some artists and film critics as Assid Ahmed , Hassan Hajij, Ali Hassan and Mohammed Aabbazi.

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                    Overview of the theme of the conference

The Amazigh language is a prominent component of the Moroccan culture through its diverse creativity, richness and originality. However, it was excluded from the scope of the term otherwise overlooked as a source of cultural enrichment. Certainly, storytelling, theatre, poetry, dance, song and the visual arts are a rich and original Moroccan identity, but cinema has long neglected its contribution there are video films reflecting experience and creativity the Amazigh film.

Surveys in the forgotten or buried Amazigh culture are made by diverse inputs such as language and dress. Among the motion pictures requiring these components we suggest ‘The other side of the river ‘ and ‘the treasures of the atlas’ by Mohamed Abazi, ‘Tinja’ and ‘Adrej’ by , Hassan Gazouli ‘ the closed door ‘by Abdel Kader Laktaa, etc.. In addition there was an accumulation of experience as ‘Boutfounast.’ Thus, to put in  evidence the link between Moroccan cinema and the Amazigh component  the following axes were proposed:

- The Amazigh component in Moroccan cinema: Efficiency and disappointment

-The Amazigh language  in the image between creativity and production

- The Amazigh component: novelty, creativity……

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