1st Edition 2004 The functions of the image in Moroccan cinema

1st Edition  2004

The functions of the image in Moroccan cinema


The ICC and the national federation of film clubs in Morocco in collaboration with the rural commune of Dayt Aoua and Imouzzer municipality organized the first meeting of Immouzer Kandar film during the 3rd and 4th July 2004 under the symbol ‘for new dynamics of associative work in Immouzer Kandar ‘with the aim to create a new dimension to local tourism. At this meeting some films were screened: ‘Ali Zaoua’by  Nabil Ayouch, ‘Badis’ by Abderrahman Tazi, ‘Women and Women’ by Saad Chraibi , ‘Beyond Mount Tarik’ by Youssef Mourad and ‘Wire Soul ‘by Hakim Belaabas. In addition, the audience had an open meeting with the artists Mohammed El Bastaoui, khouyi Mohammed, Saad Chraibi and Salahddine Benmoussa.

At this meeting a conference was held under the theme: ‘The functions of the image in Moroccan Cinema’ with the participation of My Driss Jaidi, Sijlmassi Ahmed, Hamid Tbatou,  Boubker El Hihi and Abdelilah Jouahri.

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Overview of the theme of the conference

The image occupies a prominent place in the social organization  answering incitement propaganda of consumers’ ideas. social, cultural, artistic and dramatic requirements call for the use of the image that is developed in the modern societies and  on which the economy of some countries relies upon, especially when it has become a profitable and fruitful investment field.

In addition, the film image is at the service of propaganda, leadership and ideology. It has thus become a social product that transmits messages, visions and spaces of meaning from symbols. And  by referring  to the cinematic image we invoke its functions.

The cinematic image remains a means of training, entertainment, creativity, misinformation and politicization of ideology. For these reasons, we proposed an approach entitled ‘Functions of the cinematic image in Morocco’ by the following lines of thought:

- Aspects of violence in Moroccan cinema

- Moroccan cinematographic picture : artistic and ideological functions

-Effectiveness of the cinematic image in Morocco

- Betrayed issues in Moroccan cinema etc..

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